Chain of opticians in Lviv

Biomed is a chain of opticians in Lviv. There is a large selection of lenses, as well as products for their care: liquor, containers, drops and vitamins for the eyes.

project figures:

Order price: 5,90 $

Total orders: 470

Average check: 35 $

Investment: 2773 $
At work with this project, we got stuck with some sort of difficulties.

The first problem was that people who used to buy lenses in the past did not want to make online purchases. Another problem is price. As Biomed is a local chain, the prices were higher 20-25% there. People, who use lenses, know the opticians where they can buy lenses cheaper.

During the cooperation we analyzed the market and found an insight. We started running ads in small towns where there were no chain opticians. At that time, even in Lviv it was not yet, so the geo came out quite wide. So we increased sales.

The reason for the termination of cooperation is that we created a system that the client was able to maintain. They had a full-time marketer, so he continued with system that we had created.

The period of cooperation with Biomed is 1.5 months.

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