Manufacture of designer durable upholstered furniture

Minori is a Ukrainian manufacturer of design furniture which sells its goods and delivers orders to any part of Ukraine.

project figures:

Advertising budget: 3 564 $

The average price per lead: 1.73 $

Number of leads: 2 053

Average bill of the client: UAH 12-15 thousand

Period of cooperation: 2 months
The purpose of working with our agency was to attract more customers from social networks, who are looking for quality furniture and are interested in buying products such as sofas, poufs and chairs.

One of the main benefits of Minori is that the brand presents an assortment of specific furniture designs, but the customers can choose their own colors, fabrics and more.
Due to certain problems with the site it was impossible to lead the audience there, so we tested other options to attract potential customers: Facebook messenger, Instagram direct, Telegram link, leadform. After active testing we figured out that the client gets more quality applications from advertising on Facebook messenger, because many potential clients left contacts and made a purchase there after a thematic survey.

The best way to promote this brand worked static banners with images of real furniture, which produces Minori. The interested client immediately understood what kind of product he would get after ordering.

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