German orthomolecular vitamin complexes
The main advantage of the brand is that there are no analogues in the world like it: no vitamin complex is assembled according to the principles of orthomolecular medicine. Efficiency and quality are time-tested - Orthomol has been around for 30 years. Orthomol.life is the official and exclusive distributor.

Project numbers:

Advertising budget: 798 102.97 UAH

Number of clicks: 80 185

Cost per click: 9.95 UAH

The number of purchases: 1 606,38

Price per purchase: 497 UAH

Value: 5 487 658.11 UAH

ROAS: 6.87

Ads click-through rate: 1,58

Project numbers:

Advertising budget: 9 419,5 $

Number of clicks: 9 797

Cost per click: 0,96$

Number of purchases: 636

Price per purchase: 14,81$

Value: 54 246,71$

ROAS: 5.75

Ad click-through rate: 0,41

Direct / Messenger

Advertising budget: 10 207,87$

Number of clicks: 17 218

Cost per click: 0,59$

Number of correspondences: 2 659

Cost per message: 3,83$

Ads click-through rate: 0.52


Advertising budget: 1 793,57 $

Number of clicks: 2 885

Cost per click: 0,62$

The number of leads: 146

Price per lead: 12.28$

Number of purchases: 27

Value: 2 781,58 $

Ad click-through rate: 0.32
We were tasked with bringing the brand to a turnover of 50 million+, because after the war started, the company lost its entire sales channel through pharmacies and needed to replace it. Therefore, the brand decided to focus on online sales. Before the war, 90% of the goods were sold through pharmacies, but now online accounts for 90% of their sales.

In fact, we set up all the work from scratch - events, offices, campaigns.

Since Orthomol has a fairly wide range of vitamins, we segmented them by category and product. Here's an example:
Vitamins for athletes (target audience: athletes and people who take care of their health and life)

Vitamins for children (TA: parents with children)

Vitamins for hair, skin and nails care (Target audience: people who often visit beauty salons and take care of their beauty)

Conversions to the website

Direct / Messenger


We categorized the semantic core by product category based on their intended use (e.g., for hair), by gender (vitamins for women, men, children), and by brand campaigns.

We also utilized Google Shopping campaigns.
We are also engaged in complex promotion - SMM, traffic and work with bloggers.

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