Sushi delivery in Kyiv, Troyeschyna district

Osminog is a delivery of sushi and delicacies in Kyiv in Troyeschyna.

project figures:

Budget: 3 089,17 $

Number of purchases: 792

Lead price: 3,9 $
Osminog is a very special project for us. We started working together after 2 months of opening them. It is one of our first clients and we have experienced and learned a lot with it.

The peculiarity of the brand is that it had a high cost of production, as for the area where it was located. People are used to visiting restaurants with cheaper and lower quality rolls and sushi there. The positioning of the owner was fundamental: he wanted to make the quality of service and product impeccable in Troyeschina. And accordingly, the cost of product is higher.
Also, this brand is one of the first to launch delivery in Kyiv. Therefore, one of our tasks was to change people's attitudes to ordering delivery in general.

Now Osminog has become one of the best and most famous restaurants in Troyeschina.

The period of cooperation with Osminog is 1.5 years.

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