Osminog is a delivery of sushi and delicacies in Kyiv, Troyeshchyna.

Project numbers before:

Number of followers: ~950

ERR: 5,5 %

Project numbers after:

Number of followers: 18 023

ERR: 6,7%

Period of cooperation: 2 years.

Our task

To increase brand awareness, to deliver its value, to increase the number of orders and visitors in Troyeshchyna (Kiev region)

The project came to us two months after its opening, so we started with almost zero marketing and lack of orders.



Our solution

After developing the project strategy, we started working immediately with content marketing and attracting traffic through inluence marketing and targeted advertising.

We experimented a lot with content and held about 20 photo shoots in different styles, we managed to catch the trend of the 90s in time (and 2 weeks after our launch some restaurants repeated our idea), we developed a content editor for both Instagram feed and stories. We published games, showed the cooking process, added entertainment content, were one of the first who introduced an interactive mask, and held giveaways to attract an active audience while increasing their loyalty.

Examples of stories

Additional tools

Collaborated with a lot of bartering bloggers who lived in the Troyeshchyna area. When it was time to lockdown, very quickly adapted and ran ads for delivery. You can see the Osminog traffic case by clicking on the link

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