Network of premium dry cleaners in Kyiv

Pastiralla is a chain of premium dry cleaners that takes care of home textiles, clothes and shoes. The range of services also includes the restoration of accessories.

project figures:

Budget: 1 329,98 $

Number of correspondence: 500

Correspondence price: 2.66 $
A feature of the work on the project was that the services had a high price, because they were aimed at the appropriate audience. We also took into account the fact that a person does not use dry cleaning services immediately after noticing an advertisement, so we set the task to collect a database of people who will know about Pastiralla and use the services when it is needed.

Among creatives, photos and videos “before/after” worked the best. On the static there were images of branded shoes, clothes, accessories before and after restoration in dry cleaning. A special feature was the use of luxury brands that the target audience wore.

Taking into account the characteristics of the target audience, we set up geo-targeted advertising for the districts of the city where dry cleaners are located, without setting the interests of the audience.

The period of cooperation with Pastiralla is 4 months.

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