Service for quick job search
РаботаНадо (Work is Needed) is a job service. The brand's audience is mainly students who want to quickly get a job.

Project numbers

Budget: $5,056.58

Number of leads: 11,228

Lead price: $0.45

Project numbers

Budget: $3,137.82

Number of leads: 16,803

Lead price: $0.19

Period of cooperation: 7 months.
The task was to get requests at a price of $0.5 from 300pcs per day. The client himself could not constantly keep such a volume, launch new creatives, etc.

We immediately took two channels to work TikTok and Facebook (Instagram playset), because our target audience sat there.

FB gave higher quality submissions, but more expensive, while TT gave cheaper but lower quality submissions. We worked with both all the time so there was no volume slippage. When FB sagged - TT compensated and back.
All communication and creatives are built around age-appropriate personalization and photo/video travel, cars, beautiful hotels, etc. That is, around what all students dream about.

The lead capture happened when a person filled out a form: name, number, age, desired income.

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