Wellness Injection Medicine Clinic

Recovery Club is a medical center of recovery therapy licensed by the Ministry of Health, which uses modern methods for detoxification, treatment, recovery and strengthening the body.

The main mission of the brand is fighting stress, toxins, strengthening the immune system and improving life.

project figures:

Advertising budget: 3 435 $

The average price per lead: 10.8 $

Number of leads: 305

Average bill: UAH 5000-8000

Period of cooperation: 2 months
Our team was primarily tasked with increasing the brand's online sales through targeted social media advertising and increasing brand loyalty.
One of the features of working with this brand was the fact that it is a medical topic, which requires a special approach to work with social networks. As well as the fact that these procedures are not yet popular in our country.

We analyzed the niche and the target audience of the brand, most of which are people who care about their health, carefully monitor their diet, travel to Europe/America and own a successful business.
During the development of the strategy we found out that the main thing during the promotion of this brand through targeting advertising is the work with the objection: "I am healthy enough, why should I do that?"
That's why when we worked with RecoveryClub, we used static creatives that emphasized wellness in all of life's situations. As for video creatives, we used classic videos with the owner, which broadcast the core values and detail the benefits of individual treatments for rapid recovery of the body.

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