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Revolution Fx is an online trading course about making money on CFD trading.

The main advantages of the company: fast process of deposit/withdrawal of funds and their security, access to global world and financial markets, fast trade agreements, access to more than 100 trading instruments like stock indices, commodities, stocks of famous brands, currency pairs etc.

project figures:

Advertising budget: 9 095,19 $

Average cost per lead: 1,17 $

Number of leads: 7734
When we start working with a client, the first problem that we have to solve is the problem of constantly blocking ads on Facebook.

Trading is difficult and specific niche to work in, because Facebook prohibits any mention of it or the mention of related concepts. We worked through a large number of working links until we found the most effective one, which was the most suitable for this client.
What was our strategy?

1) We used a cloaca in traffic arbitration (traffic distribution). Based on geolocation, the target audience (Ukraine and Russia) was shown one page, while for Facebook, with US geo, the information on the page was another.

2) Use of trust accounts. Accounts where a certain advertising budget was spent on a problem-free niche (for example, food delivery), and then these accounts were used to advertise the customer's niche.
Advertising creatives needed special attention. RevFx is not a course for beginners, it is a course for experienced traders who would like to improve their efficiency. What should be in advertising to interest a potential audience? Fortunately, at the beginning of the work, we understood our client and his needs very well, so the solution was ready in the shortest time.
We started selling through small tips. Viideos with life hacks were used for creatives, which would be useful for practicing traders.

Important clarification! Anticipating the possibility of blocking our creatives, we deliberately did not use captions due to stop words.

Cooperation period was 12 months.

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