"turn-key" car shipping service from the United States of America

RolenAuto is a Ukrainian company which includes: Service station, auto parts store and turn-key car shipping service from the USA.

Buying a car from America through RolenAuto is very profitable, because the main principles of the brand in the field of ferrying cars - transparency, fixed price and documentary guarantees for the buyer.

project figures:

Advertising budget: 9 845 $

Average price per lead: 2.98 $

No. of leads: 3 293

Average bill: 450 $

Period of cooperation: 9 months
The team was tasked with testing different communication channels to attract new customers who would be interested in buying a turn-key car from America.

The value of RolenAuto brand consists in the fact that from the moment of signing a contract till the car receipt - everything will be done by RolenAuto professionals (from selection of a car in the necessary budget till registration and delivery to the client), and thanks to the contract there are no extra fees/commissions.
We analyzed the target audience of the brand, competitors' offers, and developed a strategy so that we could test all the methods: traffic to the site, an appeal to the Messenger/Direct, lead generation and quiz. Testing all the channels of client engagement, we found out that the quiz works the most effective. That means that thanks to the test we conducted, RolenAuto received an interested client with the understanding of the client's own wishes.

Working with this brand, we used the banners ads with the professional video feedback from the clients after receiving their cars. The best of the static banners were the ones, which immediately showed the price comparison of a certain car in the Ukrainian market and the price of the same car if RolenAuto brought it "turn-key" from the United States.

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