Manufacturer of tactical military clothing

Шнайдер (Schneider) is a manufacturer of quality camouflage suits. The main principle of the company is to create comfortable clothes that will be in use for a long time.

Budget: $6,294.86


Budget: 3 699,94 $

Number of leads: 7 894

Lead price: 0,47 $

project figures:
Start of ordering

Budget: 1 414 $

Number of leads: 214

Lead Price: 6,61 $

project figures:

Budget: 1 180,92 $

Number of purchases: 145

Purchase Price: 8,14 $
The brand contacted us at the beginning of 2020, when quarantine began and offline sales became impossible. A feature of the brand before quarantine was that it focused on local stores and outlets.

We were tasked with moving their offline business to the online. We have developed a convenient site with a catalog. We have analyzed the project at the online launch stage and realized that the target audience rarely orders such a product online, and therefore the audience has difficulty with determining the size. Considering how important it is for making a purchasing decision, we have added a sizing option that works when the client enters height and weight. Site gives the correct size to the customer. We tried to work with orders via Messenger, but it turned out to be not so effective for the target audience. Thus, we solved the problem and the target audience had a positive online shopping experience.
Another feature of the project is that the clothes are worn for a long time, so there is no moment of regular sales. Therefore, we needed to reduce the sale price, because we took into account the features of the Facebook auction. A section with accessories was added to the catalog, due to upsale, the price of advertising was leveled by ordering an accessory for a tactical suit.

The most successful among the creatives is the video material, which shows the relevant models of costumes. The founder of the brand also participates in the video, which increases brand awareness and audience loyalty.

The period of cooperation with Шнайдер (Schneider) is 1 year.

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