Sushi Master

Chain of Japanese restaurants "Take away"

Sushi Master is an international chain of Japanese and Pan-Asian restaurants serving delivery. The main advantage of the brand is high recognition among other deliveries with a similar assortment. The range of rolls and sets is constantly updated in Sushi Master, while the quality remains at a high level.

project figures:

Budget: 195 702,07 $

Number of leads: 72 844

Lead price: 2,68 $
The team was tasked with attracting new loyal customers. Sushi Master is a recognizable brand, so people know not only about the delivery service, but also about negative reviews. Another request was full analytics. The service operates in 165+ cities, so it is important to provide information on where and what position in the assortment works best.
First of all, we analyzed the order through Google Analytics. It was done to ensure that the number of orders in the Facebook ad account matches the actual number of delivery orders. We noticed a feature of displaying orders in the advertising account and decided to check all purchases through Google Analytics. We changed the attribution to 1 day (instead of 7 days). Through Facebook, ads were targeted to users who were ready to place an order immediately, and not in a week. In fact, we have changed the ad optimization model, which has increased efficiency. The data from the account did not differ from real sales. As a result, we resolved the conflict between business and advertising activities. Another feature of working with this brand is a large advertising budget that needs to be scaled up. There are two tasks for the targetologist: the constant change of creatives and the search for a new interested audience.
In working with Sushi Master, we used creatives with product images and promotions. The service has a lot of promotions, but creatives with images of rolls and pan-Asian dishes showed higher efficiency. At the same time, the average check on the Facebook channel increased from UAH 330 to UAH 460.

The period of cooperation with Sushi Master is 5 months.

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