IV Therapy

A vitamin therapy clinic founded by TM Biotus
IVTherapy is one of the first medical centers in Ukraine, which specializes in intravenous complex vitamin therapy, which helps to saturate the body with essential elements.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $ 1 339

Number of leads: 229

Average price per lead: $ 5.76

Average bill: $ 100

Period of cooperation: 3 months
The task was to increase brand awareness (forming the value of therapy among Ukrainians) and to increase sales.

The main problem we encountered at the beginning of the project was people's lack of awareness of such medicine and fear of IVs since childhood. And also the fact that the product is most often not needed at the time of advertising, but much later.

Vitamin therapy in general is not popular in Ukraine. In addition, with the medical niche, you have to be extremely careful during promotion on social networks.
The feature of IV Therapy is that they made templates of drips for the client: for weight loss, for beauty, for immunity, and the most popular one for hangovers. So we built all of our communication around these products.

Beauty and hangover drips are some of the most popular.

Women usually choose the beauty drip. It helps maintain youthfulness from the inside out and enhances hair and skin health.

Men who are middle- or high-income, who rarely drink alcohol, usually choose a hangover drip.

After testing advertising creatives to attract new clients, we determined that static creatives with an emphasis on the "future" of the person worked the best. That is, we conveyed the value of the product through the information that comprehensive vitamin therapy = prolongation of youth, prevention of hair loss and ill health based on avitaminosis.

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