Tiny Look

Ukrainian manufacturer of teenage clothing

Tiny Look specializes in school and teenage clothes from Ukrainian designers.

project figures:

Advertising budget: 610 $

Average cost of the application: 8.02 $

Applications received: 76
We started cooperation on generating applications for the purchase of school clothes. We proved the payback of flagship product advertising and then hired other product lines.

Two hypotheses were developed and tested.
1. Configure e-com tools from FB: events at each stage of the potential customer's path, catalogs, dynamic remarketing, etc.
2. Drive traffic to Instagram posts for goal "Posts to Direct" and "Go to Profile", processing requests to Direct.
Of course, the customer received cheaper orders in the messages, but to process them required a lot of resources of the sales manager. And we received leads from website, who did not require consultation and immediately confirmed the order.

It can be concluded that not all e-com projects need to build complex funnels. In some niches simple tools are enough for a quick start.
We expected that for this niche the best result was given by video. The client provided us with necessary videosl for each product. Our content department mounted and gluing together in dynamic material and designed the offer on creative.

Received 76 purchases.

We worked with the brand for about 3 months and after we pass to the client traffic and communications strategy.

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