Sushi delivery service on the left bank of Kyiv
TutaSushi is love from the first time. Delivery of the most delicious sushi mainly along the left bank of Kyiv. Classic positions are brought to perfection and available on the menu.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $2370.36

Average cost per first order: $11.73

Number of leads: 202

Average check: UAH 700

Period of cooperation: 3.5 months
To attract new customers to the brand, we decided to emphasize product quality. We showed it through video creatives and quality product videos. We added 2-3 promotions for the top items from the client's menu and started targeting within 5 km of the delivery kitchen. We used two types of audience: a wide, uninterested one and a narrower, with "sushi" interest.
Because of the good and quality product, as well as the amplifier in the form of promotions, we managed to sway the project and give a regular flow of new customers who later made repeat purchases.

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