Yacht Travel

Yachting school and agency, included in the TOP-10 CIS
Yacht Travel is a yachting school and agency that has been professionally training skippers for 11 years. The team teaches to sail a yacht at an amateur and professional level. School education is available online and offline.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $5 718

Number of leads: 573

Price per lead: $ 9.97

Average bill: UAH 8 500

Period of cooperation: 1.5 year.
As part of this project, we worked with online and offline schools. A set of audience for training in a yachting school is a main request from the client p.

The peculiarity of the project was that it is a product for people, sold not through standard scripts for infobusiness. 80-90% of the audience has already sailed on a yacht, but our task was to involve them in self-learning and using the yacht.

We had to find a client for whom training is relevant and he is ready to pay a relatively large price compared to competitors. The target audience is people with high incomes, so discounts and promotions didn't work here.
We customized the interests of Facebook and developed creatives that meet the current demand of the target audience. We divided the creatives into two types: classic and informative. As a result, we successfully scaled the project.

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