YBC London

Club of businessmen in London with branches in Ukraine, Dubai, USA

YBC is a business club for Russian-speaking young entrepreneurs in London. Members develop businesses with an average turnover of $500,000. The club gives the opportunity to grow in an eco-friendly environment, holds inventories with world-renowned speakers: Chichvarkin, Chernyak, Tigipko

project figures

Work period: 9 months

Average price per lead: 9,55 $

Number of leads: 2456

Average bill: 1100$ for the entry
The main feature of the project was that we got Russian-speaking entrepreneurs in London who met the conditions for joining. A significant advantage of the project was the distinguished speakers.

We decided to use the speakers' recognition among the target audience in our ads. Before us all the communication was based on the advantages of the club, so we decided to invite people to specific events. And for the people who left an application for a visit, we delivered an offer with the benefits of membership in the club through the remarketing tool.

We used well-known speakers and club members in our banners ads. Both static design banners and video invitations worked well. The familiar faces factor helped us to reach the optimal price even on the western market (usually advertising in the west is several times more expensive than in the CIS countries).

We have been providing the client with requests for 9 months, passing on the tried and tested strategy of lead generation.

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