November 8 2022 ~ 5 min.

The recipe for the perfect portfolio

No way for creative professions without a portfolio. Employers and customers do not care about your education and years of experience as much as samples of your work. We have prepared for you general recommendations that will help you make the perfect portfolio.
Tip 1
Do not publish work on cloud storage (Google Disk, etc.).

If you are a designer, then Behance is perfect for you. If you are an SMM or a target expert, then make a portfolio in PDF format, but do not forget to compress it as much as possible.
Tip 2
Post your best.

If you don't like a job, it's unlikely that others will. Make the portfolio diverse in terms of formats and topics (unless, of course, you are a niche specialist). Limit yourself to 5-7 works in the last 2-3 years. The client will not watch any more, and the old trends are already gone and not relevant.
Tip 3
Show the result of the work, if possible.

Measure the numbers: the KPIs that stood and the indicators that you achieved. And also what was done, what were the difficulties, what were the tasks in general.
Tip 4
Focus on the target audience.

If you want to work with a large business, then design everything accordingly in a minimalist style, write clearly and to the point. If you are with creative weirdos, then you can have a little fun here. Write in simple language everything that uncles in suits don't like and that are valued in creative agencies.
Tip 5
Proofread and proofread the portfolio.

This is something that can really spoil the impression of you.
Tip 6
Add cover text to your portfolio.

Briefly write about yourself, your preferences, specializations and why you want to work for this particular company. Customers\Hr-managers are also people and often pay more attention to those who liked something.

If there are very few cases, what to do?
Come up with a task yourself.

You can design stories for an existing brand, make any redesign of the site, etc.
If you can't come up with a task yourself

Then use generators to help you find inspiration for creative ideas and sharpen your skills.

For example,
Ask your friends/relatives if they need help with your specialization.
Find small brands and offer them help for a nominal fee.
We hope that our tips will help you create a perfect portfolio not only in your opinion, but also in the opinion of customers :)