March 6, 2022 ~ 5 min.

Тренди веб-дизайну у 2023 році

Author of the article
Daria, designer VAU agency
In today's world, technologies are constantly developing. If we talk about web design in particular, then its development is also not left aside. Indeed, using trends in design can significantly improve the site's visibility and make it more user-friendly. Therefore, below we will consider several trends that should be used in web design to make the site even more attractive and convenient for users.
Trendy typography is big and simple.

The text comes to the fore and turns into a self-sufficient visual element of the design. However, this trend is not suitable for commercial design.
3D shapes
Liquid, glass and metal.

3D forms in web design are used to create a more realistic and attractive appearance of web pages, if you know how to implement them in the interface.
They add surface structure and a sense of realism to the image.

In order to use textures in design effectively, it is important to consider the context and aesthetics of the project. The use of noise textures, paper, and risography became trendy.
Structural blocks
Create a sense of order.

Building blocks work well in commercial design because they help emphasize a particular product by using visible frames.
Bright, bold, nostalgic.

Minimalism is a thing of the past, giving way to massive typography, bright elements and rough shapes that work quite well to attract attention.
Drawings by hand
Adds a sense of authenticity and childishness.

It is not necessary to be able to draw, you can add freehand inscriptions, arrows, outlines to flat interfaces. Such elements give a feeling of genuineness.
Combination of fonts in headings
We place accents correctly.

The combination of accidental fonts with grotesque ones, italics with direct writing creates a unique composition: again the text takes visual attention to itself.
Using AI
Bank of ideas and simplification of work.

There are more and more opportunities to use artificial intelligence, including in web design. AI will help you choose many color palettes for your site, like the Khroma service, and the service will help you forget about "text fish" by generating a description of a product or service.
Trends are trends, but first of all, you should not forget who you are making the product for. Using such a temporary concept as a trend, it is not always possible to adapt it to a long-term thing. What may look cool today will be outdated a year from now. Therefore, the client may have to change the brand book or what you have been working on.

But trends are very cool for something temporary. It can be some kind of event or festival, where emotion is important, not systematicity. For example, the Molodist film festival changed its identity every year to be different.
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