March 20, 2023 ~ 5 min.

How to cooperate with bloggers and opinion leaders effectively?

Author of the article
Liza, SMM-specialist
We all know that influencer marketing has been trending for the past few years. Why so?

Users of social networks pay less and less attention to direct and aggressive advertising and place their trust more in the opinions of their favorite bloggers. That is why it is so important to involve influence marketing in promotion in 2023.
In order for the cooperation to be as perfect as possible, we have created detailed instructions in which you will learn how to easily find the right number of influencers, how not to get bogged down when drafting the technical task, and many other important details. Let's go!

The first thing to start with is creating a blogger base.

How to search for them?

You should look for bloggers taking into account the following criteria: the format of the blog, the location of the blogger and the audience, the age of the audience, the gender of the audience, the level of engagement on the page (ER, ERR).

Never look at the number of followers! We often come across the fact that a blog with 15k subscribers is much more effective than a blog with 200k.
Life hack
ideal-minimum % of views of stories — 10%. That is, if a blogger has 10k followers, then there should be at least 1000 views of stories.
immediately create a table where you add all the links to bloggers and other important information. Search as much as possible, because not all bloggers respond or not everyone is interested in cooperation.
And one more important point.
If you have a certain KPI for bloggers, then start sending messages in advance, because you can get a response either in an hour or in a week.
Where to look for it?
A great Ukrainian service (paid) for searching and analyzing bloggers: TrendHero.
Through recommendations. Go to the blogger's page and next to the "Subscribe"/"Message" button, click on the button with the little man. This is how Instagram will offer you similar pages.
Through page category. If the blogger's category is visible, you can click on it and Instagram will show pages with the same category.
Through search. Enter keywords like "blog" and try to find who you are looking for :)
Through thematic pages on Instagram such as:

The second step: creating a message script

This is a very important stage, which must be worked on qualitatively. Start by forming the first message, which consists of:

  • greeting;
  • a brief description of who you are and what you promote (with the addition of links to the website/social media pages);
  • offer (be sure to specify the format of cooperation: barter or commerce);
  • questions or interesting cooperation;
  • wishes for a good day;

Third step: mailing.

Everything is simple here: send a message and wait for feedback :)

If the blogger agreed, then be sure to request the statistics you need and further agree on all the important points. Usually, these are views in stories for 7 days and statistics by geo and by age. If a match happened and the blogger liked your brand, and you liked his statistics, then go to the next point.

The fourth step: drawing up the technical task.

This is a super important topic, because bloggers don't always see advertising the way you see it :)
The brief should include a brief description of the product, what key benefits the blogger should provide, what tag should be left (for example, links to social networks/site/promo code) and other important points such as location, time of publication, etc. It all depends on your goals.
think in advance what format of advertising you need: in stories, in a post or in a reel.

*Stories is the easiest format, because here you can get the maximum involvement. Because stories are watched more often and it is difficult to scroll through them quickly.

Step five: track results.

By what factors can this be traced:
  • by the number of subscribers growth during the period of advertisement publication;
  • by the level of engagement on the page during the advertisement publication period;
  • by the presence of a promotional code from the blogger (you can give a special promotional code for a discount from the blogger and thus determine the price of the lead).
Also, ask the blogger for statistics after integration to calculate the link view/click ratio. Thus, you will know how successful the advertisement was.
We hope that you highlighted something interesting and important for yourself. Use life hacks and let your cooperation with bloggers be super productive!