June 11 2022 ~ 5 min.

Designer about visual communication

Author of the article
Vika, designer VAU agency
Visual communication is a game between the brand and the customer. That's why we had a conversation with our designer and she told us how a brand can win this game.
Every visual solution aims to convey an idea/information/emotion to the customer through text, animation, images, illustrations, signs, etc. Each visual appeal is made for people who are the target audience of a particular brand.
for the businesswoman who visited the website to buy a new Chanel handbag.

for the student who broke the screen of his iPhone and is looking for the relevant service.

for the man who needs plastic windows installed in his cottage.
Visual communication is about photos, visual elements, fonts and colors. You can't make small fonts for people who are looking for eyeglasses or if the target audience is 50+. You also shouldn't do a design that's too bold for a law firm or a design that's too "expensive" for a cheap product.
"Even emotions in a text can be portrayed in different ways: the phrase 'I understand' may sound dry and cold, but add ❤️ and a sense of warmth and compassion appears."
The most important, visual communication is how the consumer remembers your brand.
Examples of visual communication