Jule 18 2022 ~ 7 min.

Useful SMM Applications

Author of the article
Julia, smm manager
There are many applications for both IOS and Android that help in the work for a smm specialist. We have collected the most convenient and functional ones and ready to share them with you ❤️
Graphic Content
Many people are already familiar with this program. It is available for mobile devices and in a web version. Everything can be done here, without exaggeration: from banners and presentations to brochures for printing.

The free version allows you to use downloaded elements, fonts and licensed photos. Many people have difficulty finding Cyrillic fonts. To see the full list, enter “Cyrillic” in the font search. No thanks ;)

Canva is an ideal program for creating stories, banners, highlights, there are many ready-made templates. However, our advice is to use templates for inspiration, and make the content unique and tailored to the client's needs.
A multifunctional mobile application. One of the coolest features is automatic background removal: fast and very high-quality, just like the mobile version. In Photoroom, you can add shadows, outlines, reflections to graphics. The program has a cool function that applies textures, blur and filters to a photo or graphic element.

What is it good for? Creation of banners and collages, processing of subject shots, creation of covers for social networks, etc.
This program is somewhat similar to Photoroom in terms of functionality. It is a little simpler and more understandable, so it is suitable for beginners or those who value efficiency. Here, one of the useful functions is the magical removal of the background. You can also basically edit the photo, add shadows and an outline.
Photo Editing
You probably remember this program from 2015, when filters from VSCO were the top of aesthetics. Now this program will come in handy when you need to process, say, 200 photos in the same way. That is, increase the exposure, add contrast and white balance. In VSCO, you can copy a draft with processing settings and apply it to the last 199 photos.
A program with a large functionality for photo processing, but useful for an smm specialist is point correction. Ideal for subject photos, shooting from the street, etc. Extensions are also a cool feature. For example, you need to add more air to the photo. Snapseed allows you to duplicate the background so that the changes will be imperceptible.
It is a convenient application for working with photos from the Adobe package. It is ideal for you if you need to work with a large number of photos, as it is primarily a catalog for importing and viewing, with the subsequent ability to edit photos.

A cool feature is photo rating. For example, you took 250 photos in one shooting. You can then import them into Lightroom and rate them from 1 to 5 stars. Next, you can delete all photos rated 1 or 2 stars. In general, this is where you can professionally process photos, use your own or downloaded presets.
This application is your must-have if you like "on film" photos. There are 190+ filters that make photos in the style of the 90s. Effects can also be applied to videos, but in the paid version.
For the same cut SMS in stories ;)

The program is very simple: you need to upload a photo and click on the background that you want to remove. It is important that the background is monochromatic for correct removal. It can be collected on a white and transparent background.
Video Editing
In general, programs for mobile installation are similar to each other. However, this one turned out to be more convenient in terms of interface. Video acceleration, sound overlay, adaptation to different formats — everything is here.

The analogue is VN. They differ slightly in terms of interface, but the functionality is very similar.
In this application, you need to select one or more videos and music (it is licensed and partially available in the free version). Next, the program automatically adjusts the transitions of the video to the beat of the track you have chosen. You can add effects to transitions, choose the duration of the video for different social networks. A cool program when you need to edit videos for stories or TikTok.
The application will help you make gifs from photos in just a couple of clicks. Choose several photos of the same series, and then the program will do everything for you. You can add text, stickers, and edit transition speed, duration, and more. A cool option for dynamic stories.
A multifunctional application with all the necessary chips for installation. What can be done? Speed ​​up and slow down videos, add effects and filters. There is also a library with licensed songs that will not be blocked by Instagram ;)
Content Planning
Content Office
A mobile application in which you can schedule a feed, make scheduled posts and descriptions for them. It is also possible to plan the output of stories. And it's all easy to connect for the whole team. Let's say a specialist has prepared a content plan in the application, another specialist can log in and publish already created posts. The visual is uploaded automatically when publishing from the program. Probably the most functional program for content planning.
Feed Preview
A simple and clear program for planning the visual. You can also add copyright and schedule posts. It's a bit simpler, but that's the advantage of Feed Preview.
It is an application that allows you to schedule a grid and posts on Instagram. Here you can also make collages using built-in design options. One of cool features is smart selection of hashtags and analytics. What works well and what needs to be improved is all here. In UNUM, you can set reminders for posts with already prepared visuals and copyright.
We hope that you have found useful applications that will make your smm experience more comfortable and content diverse. Do not be afraid to experiment, mobile applications will only help in this ;)