August 12 2022 ~ 7 min.

Guerrilla Marketing: definitions and world cases

Let's say right away, this will be a new section in our blog. Recently, on our page, we conducted a small quiz on knowledge of marketing directions. The results were not the best :)

Therefore, we will gradually talk about directions in marketing and how to implement them in our projects.

Let's start with Guerrilla Marketing - these are low-budget methods of advertising and marketing that allow you to effectively promote a product or service with almost no investment of money.

Another name for this direction of marketing is guerrilla marketing. Why? Let's dive into history!

Back in 1983, Jay Konrad Levinson, creative director of the Leo Bernett advertising agency, wrote the book Guerrilla Marketing. He compared military guerillas, waging wars in small groups without serious weapons, to a business that does not have a large budget to advertise its goods and services. But the method is so effective that even big brands have started using it. Because for them it is an opportunity to reach those people who do not respond to traditional advertising.

For guerilla marketing to work well, you need to go outside the box and approach ideas outside the box. This applies to the submission of material, the placement site, the idea itself. The audience does not expect this and begins to discuss. And then the media picks up. Voila, the ad was successful!
We have dealt with the theory, and now let's reinforce it with examples.
Release of the movie Superman 2: Man of Steel.

Advertising in the elevator, how do you like it? :)

The marketers of the film Spider-Man also came up with an interesting idea of guerrilla marketing. In the dressing room, a toilet was installed high "specially" for Spider-Man:)
And here is the advertisement of Mr. Proper :)
Advertisement of Axe deodorants.
Bench in the shape of a KitKat.
Frontline ad for flea control.
Hair salon advertisement :)
This is the trick of guerilla marketing — to go beyond traditional advertising so that people want to take a picture of it and show it to others.
There are no universal ideas for successful guerrilla marketing. For an idea to work, it must be completely new. For its implementation, choose such places where your audience is. And before its implementation, be sure to consult with lawyers. So that there are absolutely no problems.