Brainy English

School of Foreign Languages ​​of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
The main feature of the school is that it provides training in specialized scientific English for both adults and children.

Project numbers before:

Number of followers: 295

ERR: 4,5 %

Project numbers after:

Number of followers: 1 005

ERR: 7,6 %

Period of cooperation: 1.5 year.

Our task

Creation of branded content to increase sales through social networks. Also, the adaptation of the old social media visuals to the new brandbook.

We started with 0 applications for online education. The school had an audience that studied offline, but it was a challenge for the project to move the audience online.



Our solution

We set up a systematic, branded social media style based on the company's newly released brand book. We integrated videos with teachers that explained certain topics, parsed popular songs, vocabulary from new movies, and, in general, maintained various educational rubrics into the content.

The best result in promotion was a free online English marathon. This was followed by a lot of requests for training.

The "Speak Week" marathon lasted a week and was filled with a variety of daily content to enhance the participants' speaking. There were videos, posts, text posts, live broadcasts and other things. At the end we offered the client to raffle off several prizes for the most active participants: a free month of training, branded shoppers and notepads. We promoted the marathon itself through bloggers and targeted advertising.

Examples of stories

Examples of posts


Additional tools

We developed a few expert checklists for Brainy English. Thanks to them, we promoted the account and recruited new subscribers, both organically (by giving a checklist for reposting a post or taking notes) and through targeted advertising.

Now we continue working with the project even during military situations.

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