Delivery of real Italian pizza in Kyiv
Celentano is a delivery chain of Italian restaurants. It is known among the audience as "the first pizzeria / real Italian pizzeria". The main value is devotion to traditions and preparation of quality dishes.

The project's numbers

Number of subscribers: 0

ERR: 0

The project's numbers

Number of subscribers: 1,149

ERR: 10.1

The period of cooperation is 2 months.

The task

We started working from scratch. There was only a site. The brand had a loyal audience that visited Celentano with their families at school age. At the end of 2021, Celentano decided to return, so we had the task to attract as many loyal audiences as possible and make the return of the legendary brand really significant.


Our solution

We started by driving traffic to profile and site. To do this, we used creatives with messages about the return of the legend. We have developed a corporate identity for social networks, created a story-communication. Creatives were developed for publications (checklists for the evening with pizza, translator interface, humor). In stories we published surveys, games and interactives to attract new customers.

Creative publications on the subject of the brand worked the best in combination with a recognizable corporate style, known to the audience since childhood.

Examples of stories

Examples of publications

Additional Services

We have engaged in barter cooperation with bloggers. It provided an opportunity to attract more loyal audiences and receive targeted coverage. In total, we collaborated with 5 bloggers per week.

Our team conducted several subject shootings. It was followed by a photo and video shoot in the Celentano kitchen.

Our cooperation has been suspended due to war.

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