Home control panel
DJEK is a home control panel that allows you to solve and control all house issues.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $1 956.38

Number of leads: 1896

Price per lead: $1.03

Period of cooperation: 3 month
To attract targeted applications, we built the entire traffic system around the residents of the newest housing estates, because they could specifically implement this service.

To start we did A-B testing of different age categories and then targeting the most impactful one. In order to get our target audience, we worked with interests like "construction", geo-targeting around the new housing estates and just a wide audience.
Our creatives focused on the pains of our target audience, such as rising gas prices, because you could choose another supplier for your home through JEK. And we also talked about the convenience of "managing your home" through one app

The most effective link for solving all the problems was the introduction of actions to change the gas supplier and their reflection on creatives.

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