Children's toy store.
H-CH is an online store of children's toys. They are not only nice and developing, but also they are safe. This is because H-CH works only with manufacturers and official suppliers who provide certificates of authenticity for toys.


Advertising budget: 440 $

Number of purchases: 102

Price per purchase: 4,31 $

Average check 25 $

Cooperation period: 1,5 months
The peculiarity of this brand is the absence of trend positions and limited assortment. Because it is an online store the prices were lower than in offline stores. But higher than in other online stores, because they didn't buy directly from the brands. This moment is important, because the launch of the project was at a time when people were not yet accustomed to ordering goods from the Internet.
There was also a problem with the possibility of paying for the order with cash on delivery. People had to pay the full cost of the goods on the site. Because of this, it was difficult to gain the trust of the audience. However, we have shown good results for the client. There were many leads and the order price was $4.31. We stopped working due to the Covid-19. The company did not have large stocks of toys in stock, and purchases have been suspended.

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