I Love my cycle

Brand of menstrual underwear and fabric pads


Expenses: 21,671.81 UAH

Link clicks: 2,015

Cost per click: 10.76 UAH

Reach: 89,834

CTR (click-through rate): 1.02%

CPM (cost per thousand impressions): 109.66 UAH

Purchases (through the account): 94

Purchase price (through the account): 230.55 UAH

Value (through the account): 39,892.80 UAH

ROAS: 1.84


Our task involved launching advertising from scratch, as there was no advertising in the project before us.


Initially, we developed advertising creatives and implemented expert reels for each product to enhance advertising effectiveness.

Then, we began sending out to bloggers who created unique content (UGC), as well as applying remarketing and scaling advertising campaigns.

Examples of creatives:

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