Business Forum

Forum of Russian-speaking businessmen in Poland
Infinity Business Forum is a business event for entrepreneurs from all Eastern Europe, which took place in Warsaw. The main speakers of the forum were well-known businessmen, leaders in their spheres of business: Evgeny Cherniak, David Brown and Marina Avdeeva.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $2,560

Average price per lead: $1.01

Number of leads: 2 522

Average bill: $200

Period of cooperation: 50 days
The main task was to collect 500 guests for this forum in 50 days.

We were gathering only Russian-speaking businessmen in Poland, who would be interested to attend the forum. A significant benefit was the participation of famous businessmen in the role of speakers. The business forum market in Poland was empty, so we managed to reach the result without long tests.
Among the creos we used video appeals from Evgeny Chernyak and Marina Avdeeva, which provided the majority of leads. In the last stage we used static creos to remind the audience of ourselves and "catch up" with them.

We managed to provide the client with a sold-out ticket 5 days before the forum itself.

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