Kong Sushi

Premium delivery of sushi and rolls in Kyiv
Kong Sushi is a premium delivery of sushi and rolls in Kiev. Large portions, original tastes and quality products are the principles on which the service is built.

Project results Before:

Number of subscribers: 0

ERR: 0

Project results After:

Number of subscribers: 10 067

ERR: 7,6

Clicks on the site: 550+ every week

Period of cooperation: 1 year

The challenge

The project came to us at the launch stage and before cooperation with us the brand had no work in social networks. We have to start from scratch.

Our solution

  1. Content marketing (communication with consumers);
  2. Influence marketing;
  3. Attracting traffic (targeted and contextual advertising).

After analyzing the brand, its offers and positioning, target audience and competitors, first of all we integrated the corporate identity of the project. We participated in the elaboration of the menu, we put forward the idea of ​​​​introducing new branded items and offers into the menu (for example, light menus and children's rolls).

Because the main character of the brand was Kong - the hero of the urban jungle, we decided to reveal the concept through shooting in a jungle atmosphere. Photo and video shooting took place both in the greenhouse of Kiev Botanical Garden and in the studios with a lot of greenery, we were creative as we could!
The basis of the content was appetizing macro photos of the product and entertaining content in order to attract them. The storis focused on live-format videos of roll preparation.

The result of the combination of all our actions was the rapid growth of subscribers from zero to 11 thousand loyal, active and high-quality audience; 40-50 orders per week, almost 7 orders per day and sometimes this number reached 20 orders per day.



Additional tools

We have integrated SMS-mailing with a gift: every Friday to the base of our consumers was sent a message with some pleasant offer for them.

Also, together with a team of programmers, we developed a loyalty program for the Kong Sushi site. This allowed customers of the brand to join their friends' orders and receive cashback from their order.

We regularly partnered with bloggers on both a barter and paid basis.
Between 30 and 100 Influencers per month.

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