Kong Sushi

Premium delivery of sushi and rolls in Kyiv

Project figures

Costs: 156 000 грн

Sales: 777,74

Sale price: 201 грн

Clicks: 23 600

Cost per click: 6,62 грн

CTR: 7,71%


The main request from the client was to develop a premium delivery brand from scratch. The brand had no positioning, and this became a problem at the beginning of the launch. Prices were competitive in the premium segment, but there was no USP.

Our solution:

We realized that to solve the problem, we needed extraordinary officers - a unique line of authoring roles.

The creatives used photo and video reviews of rolls with information about the name, price, and weight of the sushi, as well as video reviews of delivery from bloggers. People saw an unusual offer in the ads and decided to try something new in the delivery industry.
The average order receipt is UAH 1115, which eliminates the lead price of $11.04. Basically, from one client there were 2 orders per month. We focused on the offer with author's rolls, and the assortment from the main menu became part of the remarketing.

So, for this project, we found a USP, which brought the brand to constant sales in the premium segment. As a result, the number of orders for classic menu items has increased.

Examples of creatives:

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