LAB 13

Premium detailing center
LAB 13 is a premium tuning studio. It provides a wide range of services: external and internal tuning, detailing, pasting, tinting.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: € 2972

Number of leads: 257

Average price per lead: 11.56 €

Period of cooperation: 4 months
The task for us was to generate requests from car owners for different kinds of foils to be laminated. All other products they sold afterwards.

When we started our cooperation, we realized that it was better to show it through good video cases and carousels with photos. And through testing, we realized that the most effective landing platform was the website. But there should be the maximum number of variations of different brands of cars there at once, so that each owner would find his or her own.
Targeted simply by car brands and narrowed down by driver's license as and by luxury interests. The main audience was formed between 24-38 years old, because they were buying the best and decision making was short.

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