Master Burger

А network of healthy fast food restaurants
Burger network in Kyiv with a healthy approach. The idea of the brand is that fast food can be tasty and healthy.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $1782

Number of purchase: 496

Average price per purchase: $3.59

Total number of purchases: 496
The goal of the cooperation was to generate direct orders from the site.

They limited the delivery time to 29 minutes, because the burger lives for 30 minutes, and then it becomes tasteless. And we built advertising on this feature, because it is a good amplifier of the offer. We had to limit the delivery radius to realize the offer, but that decision soon led to an increase in sales.
We added this enhancer to most of our advertising creatives. The strategy of profitable targeting for the HoReCa segment has long been known. It consists of a combination of a successful referral and its delivery to the target audience through "tasty" creative.

Creatives themselves were quite classical: a quality and delicious product + price (preferably a special offer) + enhancer (in our case it was the delivery time). There were also a lot of motion-creatives, because this made us stand out among other HoReCa.

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