Pizza delivery network in 5 cities of Ukraine
MonoPizza is a brand that combines an authentic Italian passion for food with love and respect for their work. Using only natural ingredients with high quality makes every dish an incredibly delicious piece of gastronomy art.

Project numbers before:

Number of followers: 4 413

ERR: 4,57 %

Project numbers after:

Number of followers: 5,852

ERR: 17,7 %

Clicks on the website: 675

Average viewing stories: 544

Period of cooperation: 8 months

Our task

Establishing communication with the audience, communicating the brand concept and its value, and increasing sales through social media.



Our solution

First of all, we developed a brand identity for social media and determined the TOV based on the analysis of the brand, the analysis of its target audience and competitors.

We integrated the product macro photos into the visuals, added cooking videos of the dishes from the kitchen, introduced a mascot (a character-talisman, in our case it was Mona Lisa) and new categories of content (question-answer, games), interesting solutions for the stories (such as taking apart the pizza ingredients), introduced regular reminders about the promotions, because the main brand profit was exactly from them.

We held photo shoots with models, and regular food shoots as well.

Examples of stories

Examples of posts

Additional tools

To generate orders for delivery, we launched targeting ads, the case you can see by following this link .

Collaborated with a large number of barter bloggers from different cities of Ukraine, where the restaurant works, about 28 per month.

And then brand Monopizza ordered design for polygraphy from us, you can see the case by following the link.

Cooperation is not over, but stopped due to the situation in the country.

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