Forum for small and medium-sized businesses in Unit City.
MSP Forum is an annual event for Ukrainian small and medium business, which is attended by top businessmen with thematic presentations.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $ 10,561

Price per application: $ 4.71

Number of applications: 2 239

Average bill: $ 180

Period of cooperation: 1.5 months
The main task was to get 1,000 people to the forum.

The event was held at the peak of the pandemic on 28 August 2020. The audience was not 100% certain that this was the time when severe quarantine restrictions would not be imposed, so people had doubts about buying tickets.

On the other hand, this forum was one of the first on business topics that was decided to be held under quarantine conditions, and that had a significant impact on the cost of leads. People were hungry for knowledge.
The ticket sales period was 1.5 months. During this time we tested the static creatives and professional video invitations to the forum. For each speaker we developed a separate creative, where we delivered the value of his report.

7 days before the event we already had enough leads to sell 1000 tickets (according to call center conversion), that`s why we stopped advertising. And 4 days before the forum there was already sold out tickets. In total there were 1180 people at the forum.

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