Vegan cafe with healthy food
The uniqueness of the restaurant is that in addition to standard vegan dishes they make their own vegan ice cream and pizza from organic ingredients.

Project numbers before:

Number of followers: 1 416

ERR: 5,3 %

Project numbers after:

Number of followers: 3 394

ERR: 10,6%

Average reach of stories: 620

Period of cooperation: 5 month.

Our task

Increasing recognition of the restaurant among vegans in Kiev, the formation of a loyal brand community, and the formation of the flow of customers to order the delivery (at that time they had just launched it).



Our solution

After analyzing the audience and its interests, we developed and integrated the brand identity. We promoted the brand philosophy in our content, highlighted veganism as a culture, the benefits of branded pizza and ice cream, and focused on the all-natural composition of dishes.

We also increased audience loyalty and created a community by promoting the founders' personal brands in the Nice.Ice.Bakery account.

Examples of stories

Examples of posts

Additional tools

To promote the project, we regularly collaborated with niche bloggers on a barter basis.

To generate a flow of orders for delivery, we ran targeting ads. Since there was no website and the brand was not ready to develop one at that time, we advertised on direct messages. We also did paid promotion of the events the cafe was hosting (picnics, master classes, etc.).

We worked together for 5 months. Currently, the restaurant is closed, and its founders have started a new life abroad, in Sweden.

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