Pita kyiv

Real Israeli pita in the city center
PitaKyiv is an Israeli restaurant with pita, hummus, falafel, baked cauliflower and other jewish dishes in the heart of the city. There are 3 restaurants in Kyiv and one restaurant was recently opened in Odessa.

Project results Before:

Number of subscribers: 12,500

ERR: 3.3

Project results After:

Number of subscribers: 22 232

ERR: 17,4

Clicks on the site: 400+ for the week

Period of working: 1 year, 10 months.

the challenge

The VAU team had tasks to increase loyalty of the audience, brand awareness and increasing the number of orders.

Our solution

We developed a brand communication style for the brand on social media: from copywriting and visuals. We decided that street-food should sound a bit cheeky: communicate on your own, insert youth and English words, vividly express your emotions and constantly joke as the one who is always in the center of the company.

On the basis of the formed communication we developed a visual style of the account and storiеs, began to reveal more product and its features, integrated a large number of videos of cooking from the kitchen, because the trick to go in her cooking and to see this whole process with his own eyes, and then immediately to taste.

We integrated a branded character into the communication, who became a reflection of one of the avatars of our audience - the modern hipster. He communicated with the audience in stories, made important announcements and presented novelties. Later we also did a shoot with our character in real life. (Photo of the character and photo from the shoot)

For almost 2 years of cooperation we managed to create a real community:
- with its own words "umamno" and "pitotherapy"
- with our own names for our restaurants: Cannon, Saga and Vasilek
- and the trademark "Tsem! ????"



Additional tools

We did a lot of food-shoots, involved the team of the restaurants, experimented with ideas, props, concepts. We also shot a lot of video content: for advertising, restaurant awards, instagram feeds and reels.

Collaborated with a lot of bloggers, both on a barter and paid basis. Averaged with about 10-15 every month.

Now we are still working, even in a military environment.

Also look for Pita Kyiv among our cases in traffic, website development and design.

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