Online trading courses
Revolution Fx is an online trading course, that is about making money on CFD trading. The courses are designed not for beginners, but to increase the expertise of experienced traders.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $9,095.19

Average cost per lead: $1.17

Number of leads: 7734

Period of cooperation: 9 months
The task is to generate quality leads for training in trading and to solve the problem of constant ad blocking on Facebook.

Trading is quite a complicated and specific niche to work in, because Facebook prohibits any mention or reference to related concepts. Because our team had experience with the most difficult niches, we quickly found a solution.

Our main actions:

1) We used a cloaca. Based on geolocation, the target audience (Ukraine and Russia) was shown one page, while for Facebook, with US geo, the information on the page was another.

2) Use of trust accounts. Accounts where a certain advertising budget was spent on a problem-free niche (for example, food delivery), and then these accounts were used to advertise the customer's niche.
Because RevFX courses are for experienced traders who would like to increase their efficiency. This audience isn't interested in trivial content and creos. We started selling through video tips from the course speaker. The expert content hooked people, evoked emotion and they moved on to find out who it was, thus getting into the further funnel.

Importantly, knowing that our creos could get blocked, we didn't consciously use captions because of stop words.

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