Manufacturer of tactical military clothing
Шнайдер (Schneider) is a manufacturer of quality camouflage suits. The main principle of the company is to create comfortable clothes that will be in use for a long time.

Project numbers

Budget: $3,699.94

Number of leads: 7 894

Lead price: $0.47

Project numbers

Budget: $ 2 594

Number of purchases: 359

Purchase Price: $7.22

Average bill: 1500 UAH

Period of cooperation: 1 year
The main task was to bring the brand online, as previously all of the company's income came from wholesale orders.
At first we set up all the work through Messenger, because our entire target audience was there. The sales manager, who answered on Facebook, could give advice, help with sizing, and tell us about the care of the suits.

Over time, due to going online, the brand had additional funds, and they decided to invest them in the website, to which we proceeded. Everything the manager had done before was automated. Calculated the size according to the person's parameters and filled out a detailed description of each suit. You can see the case of development of this site by following this link.
The special feature of the project was that the product matrix was not calculated for regular updates, as in the case of casual clothing brands. In addition, those suits were durable. So in order to pay off the first client as much as possible and earn on it, we added upsells to the catalog: belts, backpacks, and other things. Also, the amplifier was a promotion: when ordering from 3 units - free shipping, so usually customers ordered 1-2 suits and 2-3 accessories.

From the creatives the static ones worked the best, where you can clearly see the costume, and the price indicated, as well as videos.

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