Smachniy Dim

Producer of meat and fish products
Smachniy Dim is its own production of high-quality meat and fish in its own juice. The company produces meat and fish products, as well as sauces according to unique recipes. The main value is to give customers the opportunity to diversify homemade dishes with a useful product.

Project results Before:

Number of subscribers: 0

ERR: 0

Project results After:

Number of subscribers: 4120

ERR: 8,4

Clicks on the site: 130+ each week

Period of cooperation: 9 months

The challenge

The request from the owner of the company was to create a brand from scratch. The main goal was to convey to the audience that it was not just a meat product, but a product that would help make any lunch or dinner tasty quickly.

The brand was priced in the above-average segment, with potential customers being able to find a similar product on supermarket shelves at a lower price. The challenge was to find an upper-middle-income audience and explain the value of the offer to them.

Our solution

We concentrated our social media work on three main types of content:
- Text and video recipes with products. This allowed us to visualize how quickly lunch or dinner is prepared with ready-to-eat meat.
- Founder Elena's personal brand. She was the embodiment of the core values of the brand: a mother of two children, a businesswoman, and, despite her heavy workload, she found time every day to cook for her family, and the prepared meat products helped her in it.
- Visual transmission of family values. Family photo sessions with children in the kitchen or watching cartoons with snacks whose main point was: minimum time in the kitchen - maximum time with the family!

We held giveaways and attracted an audience by driving traffic to the social media profile. We also set up targeted advertising on the site. We attracted the audience with interactives in the parties, contests. And it gave positive results - the producer started getting 2-3 orders a day just from his instagram profile.



Additional tools

We actively collaborated with bloggers. At first it was an audience of mothers, and then nutritionists, nutritionists, fitness models were added.

Our team developed an online brand store. We updated and maintained it throughout our cooperation with the project.

As an additional tool to build a community we created a Viber chat, where customers and subscribers of the brand exchanged recipes with each other and shared their impressions of the Tasty House brand.

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