Taste of Tradition

Delivery of semi-finished products in Kiev without GMOs, preservatives and dyes

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $3,762.8

Number of purchases: 409

Price per purchase: $9.20

Average bill: $30

Period of cooperation: 2 months
The client came with a request to increase the number of orders, having worked with other companies before us. His goal was 25+ orders per day.

We managed to do this by introducing new communication into the project. We added motion-creatives, as well as video reviews of the product. "Taste of Tradition" collaborated with bloggers. They explained to the audience the value of the product and why the cost was so high. And we edited a video creative with influencer reviews and ran ads. This way the audience already has trust, because the brand is recommended to them by the bloggers they know.

We encountered two problems during our cooperation. The first was that people were not used to ordering delivery of semi-finished products. It was easier for them to buy them at the store near their home. The other concerned the cost. Because the products were all-natural, the price was much higher than convenience foods in stores. The cost of delivery also had to be taken into account.

We decided to start targeting a slightly different segment by tweaking the product for them.
The client made an all-natural product without GMOs or colorings, which can even be used by children. After that we started to target the middle segment, very time-conscious, and could not find an analogue of the product in the store.

We targeted classic vareniki, semi-finished products to the customer base from the new comfortable and business class housing estates, as well as cottage towns. After that, through the catalog we sent for remarketing those clients who had not ordered.

Our collaboration finished with us setting up a working system and now their marketing team continues to work on it.

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