Vasily Khmelnitsky`s Business School in Unit.City
USB.School is a business school for entrepreneurs and their teams in the Unit.City Innovation Center. The main mentor of the school is Vasily Khmelnitsky, founder of UFuture holding company and the K.Fund.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $ 14 519

Price per application: 5.3 $

Number of applications: 2 729

Check: $800-4,000

Conversion from a bid to purchase: 9%

Period of cooperation: 6 months
The challenge was to increase the number of referrals to the business school, specifically to increase the traffic of potential clients from social networks who would be interested in business education.

One of the client's requirements was that no images of Vasyl Khmelnitsky could be used in his marketing materials.

During the preparation of the launch strategy, we developed a special sales funnel, through which we first showed people general advertising of the school, and later through remarketing invited potential customers to the "open door day" at the business school.

During the promotion of this brand, we didn`t use loud hype triggers, such as "after the course you will become a millionaire". In our case, the main organic triggers for attracting clients were:

1 - Reporting the value of learning from a top businessman and other qualified professionals;

2 - Information that the top three students would receive an investment from Vasyl Khmelnitsky;

3 - Free access to the Unit.City community.
Thanks to the fact that we didn't use hype communication, even without Khmelnitsky's direct involvement in the creatives, the client received concerned applications that met the quality standards of the sales department.

To scale companies, we have tested and used many static creatives, video creatives delivering the business school value, and video creatives with feedback.

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