yacht travel

Yachting school and agency, included in the TOP-10 CIS
Yacht Travel is a yachting school and agency that has been professionally training skippers for 11 years. The team teaches to sail a yacht at an amateur and professional level. School education is available online and offline.

Project results Before:

Number of subscribers: 10 521

ERR: 4,3

Project results After:

Number of subscribers: 12 325

ERR: 7,3

Clicks on the site: 40+ every week

The challenge

Our team had the following tasks: to increase awareness of the company's products, to form a community, to increase sales by warming up the audience through content marketing.

Our solution

According to the the client’s requests, analysis of the brand, its target audience and competitors we have enabolated an effective content strategy, including the choice of TOV, the enanolation of communication for stories, the integration of new headings and highlights, and work with the visual concept of the brand.

We made a special emphasis on content from the Yacht Travel team, because they had a strong authority among the audience on yachting issues. Later we added regular expert publications on yachting and travel from each of the instructors. Also good effectiveness was shown by community posts, publication of UGC content, reports from offline events and posts from the owner's name.

Niche humor also showed good activity. It has a place, if it is implemented wisely and under the infomercials.



Additional tools

For the Yacht Travel project we also used Email marketing, during announcements of new courses, trips, nautical practices or invitations to offline community events. We also created a basic PR strategy to promote the brand and wrote SEO articles.

We developed from scratch and launched a massive brand website with 13 pages and 82 blocks, which allowed us to reveal a difficult product from all sides.

Our combined efforts not only closed all of the client's queries, but also reached about 2 million users with yachting interests.

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