Aleks Yanovsky

Alex Yanovsky University of Business and Entrepreneurship
Alex Yanovsky is the founder of the X100 holding, which includes companies as Sushi Master, MonoPizza, MYBOX, Legion, BIG BRO, Khlebopolis, CIO CIO. The ideological inspirer of the Open Corporate University for business and personality development, teaching for more than 12 years.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $4 915.58

Average cost per lead: $3.82

Number of leads: 1286

Period of cooperation: 1 month
The main objective was to scale existing campaigns.
To increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the geo of Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan, we changed the static creatives to a video message from Alex Yanovsky and Yuri Salanovich, where they talked about their business, their experience in scaling and invited them to buy.

We were setting up ads to buy a cheap mini-product for $10, and after that customers were sold the main course for $450-1050.

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