Business club for entrepreneurs.
ZBIZ.Club is a business club for Russian-speaking entrepreneurs in Poland and Germany. They organize business events, master-minds, conferences, training, Family day for club residents.


Advertising budget: 2 917,24 $

Number of leads: 501

The price of a lead: 5,82$

Period of cooperation: 3 months
We have come a long way with them. We were engaged in targeted advertising during their launch in Poland and Germany and found participants for their events.We already had experience with the Polish market and we knew some of the features. Therefore, there were no problems with cooperation. We just launched and showed a successful result.
We also came up with a successful sales funnel for ZBIZ.Club. The solution is the business club organizes an event with an excellent speaker. Not only permanent residents come there, but also persons who first recognized the club from advertising. Immediately after the event entrepreneurs can apply their membership for six months or apply for an installment plan.

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