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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help in SMM

Article by
Ilya, SMM manager
If you're an SMMer, you've definitely had to deal with the idea that you're just posting and sharing. It sounds quite unpleasant and even a bit offensive. Because you understand perfectly well that being an SMM specialist is:

  • To be creative and think a lot.
Creating content plans, developing strategies for promoting companies and brands, analyzing competitors and evaluating the effectiveness of publications.
  • Create beautiful and engaging content.
Publishing content is the easiest part of SMM. However, it requires training in imagination, and the ability to use graphic editors and applications for creating and editing video content. Or at least set clear and understandable terms of reference for the designer, which also requires a lot of experience and time.
  • Write wow texts.
Marketing in the spirit of "This is a store, there is delicious meat here" is long gone and no potential customer will respond to it anymore. In order for a potential customer to make a purchase and for the brand to make a profit, the content must catch them.

It is impossible to write the perfect text without immersing yourself in the specifics of the product, understanding the audience's pain, and playing up the brand's strengths.

To summarize, SMM is hard work. And what can make the life of an SMM specialist easier? Of course, artificial intelligence!
Earlier, we discussed what constitutes the work of an SMM specialist. Now let's find out how artificial intelligence (AI) can facilitate this work.
Idea generation
Have you ever used Chat-GPT? It's unlikely you haven't. But using it properly is essential because it's a powerful tool that can assist you in creating strategies or content plans.

Of course, if you ask it to "Create a content plan for a beauty salon," you'll likely get a bunch of nonsense. This is not surprising because you need to teach Chat-GPT a bit first.

Provide it with more information about the brand, important product features, and specify the goals of this content. Set the tone of voice and provide examples of your own ideas. All this information will help it better understand what you want from it, and then the content will become more relevant.

It's not guaranteed that you'll be able to copy the text from the chat and paste it into a table. But you'll definitely get fresh ideas that can be refined, improved, and impress your client.
2. Creating graphic content.
When a designer creates a masterpiece from scratch, it's great. But sometimes the task may require more than just understanding composition, color selection, fonts, and proper object and text placement.

What if you need Ryan Gosling on a banner teaching kids to dance? Or an army of pugs storming a fortress in dog costumes to promote a brand? It's possible to draw all this, but it will take a lot of time.

And here's where AI comes to your aid. There are plenty of services that can create something incredible based on your clear request in a matter of seconds, making content creation much easier. And with tasks like "replace the background with the center of New York City," you'll be able to handle them much faster.

And have you ever tried adding missing elements in Photoshop? If not, be sure to try it – it's something.
3. Writing texts.
The goal of the post is clear, the topic is defined, and the key points are discussed... But combining all this successfully is not working out? And here comes artificial intelligence to the rescue again.

Using the same Chat-GPT, you can create a text that you'll want to reread over and over again, as if it's your favorite book.

And the rules here are simple and straightforward – clearly and understandably provide introductory information. Describe what this post should be about, how to address the reader, what must be mentioned, and what words should not be used. If necessary, you can adjust the result obtained to get the text you need.
SMM specialists, don't ignore artificial intelligence. Yes, no website or application can ever replace the work of a live person. But using these tools to speed up your work and boost creativity is always possible and worth it.

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