June 12 2022 ~ 15 min.

Case study with PitaKyiv

Author of the article
Natali, digital marketing manager

How to move from test targeting to complex marketing support?

PitaKyiv is an Israeli street-food restaurant: pita, hummus, falafel, baked cauliflower and many delicious dishes in the very center of the city. Now there are 3 restaurants in Kyiv and one in Odessa.

For Pita Kyiv, we worked on:
SMM, influencer marketing, launched traffic, developed a website, branding, a PR company concept and filmed a large special project.

Our story with Pita Kyiv began in July 2020. Owner Andrey responded to our advertisement, left a request, and we agreed on test targeting. During the test period, our team managed to bring down the purchase price (delivery order from a restaurant) from $10 to $7 and we started working on it!
What were the requests from PitaKyiv?
Increasing brand-awareness at the level of Kyiv and, in the future, on the Ukrainian and European markets.

The buildup of delivery and an increase in the flow of orders for delivery, as we began cooperation in quarantine conditions with eternal restrictions on the work of establishments.
What did we do to increase brand-awareness?
The main tool was SMM and influencer marketing.

We have developed a corporate identity for brand communication in social networks from copyright and visuals. We decided that street-food should sound a little bold: use youthful words, express your emotions vividly and constantly joke, like the guy who is always in the center of the company.

Based on the formed communication, we developed the visual style of the account and stories, began to show more of the product and its features, and integrated a large number of cooking videos from the kitchen. The trick of pita is its preparation, which means that people had to see the whole process with their own eyes, and then immediately eat it.

We introduced a corporate character into communication, which became a reflection of one of the avatars of our target audience - a modern hipster. He communicated with the audience in stories, made important announcements and presented new products. In the future, we also conducted a shooting with our character in real life.
For almost 2 years of cooperation, we managed to create a real community:
with his words "umamno" and "pitotherapy"

with their own names of establishments: Pushka, Saga and Vasilek

with emotional "!!1!‎"‎ at the end of important messages

and branded "Kiss!"
We were also helped to increase brand awareness by:
content marketing
We use videos with TikTok trends (when Reels appeared, we already migrated there), current world memes and generating our own.
influencer marketing
We regularly worked with micro and macro influencers such as Ramina, 001K, Mama Sita, Anatoly Anatolich and others.
What results were achieved?



ERR 3,3
Restaurants receive 19+ delivery orders daily

There are always a lot of people in Pita Kyiv on weekends. And the total attendance of restaurants increased by 3.1 times.

And even now, during the war period, we continue to work with the brand, generate content, shoot and attract new customers. So we recommend that you also follow @pitakyiv on Instagram!
What did we do to boost delivery?
Even during the test launch of traffic, we developed an advertising matrix, prepared all the necessary materials, started a full-fledged launch and noticed a more global problem. Creatives have a high click-through rate, we get a large volume of clicks to the site, and the conversion into purchases is weak - at the level of 1%.

Due to creatives, we managed to get the price up to $7, but it still wasn't enough. The client's website was not fully developed before receiving traffic - incomprehensible small buttons in the form of icons, an inconveniently configured checkout, a complicated filling form, and no delivery zone. At this moment, we understand that the deep demand of the business is much wider. We collected all the analytics and arguments in favor of updating the site and started working on it.
Website development
Pita Kyiv originally came to us with a WooCommerce site, which they themselves made in a day, in a quarantine panic. After a couple of months of cooperation with SMM and traffic, we decided to save Pita Kyiv customers from smashing their phones against the walls. So we started creating the website from scratch.
It’s simply impossible to count how many codes have been added over the entire period of cooperation, but today their clients definitely feel loved:
no screenshots about paying for a taxi in the correspondence, the client pays for everything on the site, according to the carrier's tariffs;

introverts no longer need to answer unfamiliar numbers, just put a tick in front of "do not call back";

a customized basket was created for different scenarios, that is, depending on the choice of options, it reveals different fields;

it is very easy to make sure that your order has not been lost - after 3-5 seconds, after placing it, a confirmation in the form of SMS will be sent to your number
We revealed a number of additional features and showed them in our web development case

For a visual representation of our work, see the link below: pitakyiv.com
Traffic for Pita Kyiv
When launching advertising on a new site, we got much better results - the order was at the level of $5 and the site's conversion rate was 6.13%.
What was our traffic strategy?
To attract new customers, we used video reviews from famous bloggers in advertising creatives, added a 20% discount on the first order.

We caught up with existing customers of Pita Kyiv by remarketing, showing them new positions on the menu and current promotions.
What results were achieved?
Ad budget spent: $4,367.68

Average purchase price: $5.76

Number of purchases: 758
Having closed the main business tasks of the brand, we switched to a closer and more trusting relationship with the client, when project ideas are discussed together, we learn about new products before the client’s staff, and they turn to us for any request.

The same thing happened when Pita Kyiv was nominated for the Palm Branch restaurant award and made it to the final, where it was necessary to prepare a video about the brand. That's how it started..
Shooting a special project for Pita Kyiv
It took us about two weeks to prepare.
Every day we took time to study all the requirements for the video, come up with a concept, find references, write a script, find and negotiate with models.

The shooting lasted 9 hours. On that day, the team was supposed to be on the day off, but everyone participated in it. How much time, energy and effort was spent on this video, but the result is worth it. We rocked it!

You can watch the result of this shooting:
In July 2022, it will be 2 years since we have been working with Pita Kyiv and improving together. Our cooperation has grown into a real friendship, so this article is something more than just a case with screenshots and dry figures.

This is about sincere involvement in the project, the desire to find a solution to a business problem and get to the bottom of what is hidden under the words: “there are no customers for delivery”‎. It's not about individual marketing tools to sell more. This is just a complete solution to create a VAU (WOW) effect for the client!