January 27 2023 ~ 5 min.

Навіщо потрібен Facebook Pixel при роботі з трафіком на сайт?

Author of the article
Pavel, PPC-specialist
First let's understand the concept.

Simply put, a Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that needs to be placed on a website. After installation on the site, the pixel sees users who visit the site and finds these people in the social network database. That is, you will get access to tools that track specific forms of user behavior, collect data and analyze it. It allows you to link your Facebook ad account and site traffic data.
What are the features of the Facebook Pixel?
- analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
- creation of remarketing campaigns based on databases of users who visited the site;
- study of user behavior on the site, for example: purchase, - adding products to the cart, searching for certain products, etc.;
- creation of a specific audience based on data from www.
Let's take a closer look at the retargeting.
Retargeting is an advertising tool that allows you to re-attract potential buyers. It promotes the growth of sales of goods and services among interested users and drives targeted traffic to landing pages. This is an opportunity to show ads to users who have already visited the site and whose pixel was collected into the database.
If the Facebook Pixel is on the site, we may add mandatory audience attributes. For example, you added the product to the cart, but did not buy it, or visited the Checkout page but did not send the order.

We can also use retargeting audiences to optimize advertising campaigns for new audiences. For example, if we want to attract new customers to the site and give them a promotional code that is valid only for the first purchase, we exclude from the advertising campaign all site visitors who have already visited the page.

Retargeting allows you to increase customer loyalty: individual terms of cooperation and promotions improve the rate of repeat purchases. And also, it affects brand recognition,
Also, one of the Facebook Pixel tools is the lookalike audience.
In other words, these are similar audiences. Facebook creates such audiences based on the original audience. For example, it can be an audience of website visitors, which we take from a pixel.

Next, we use algorithms that analyze the entire volume of data of the original audience. This is the behavior of people, which sites they look at, how old they are, what their gender is, what their interests are, how much time they spend online, etc. Facebook takes all this data, finds the most frequent matches in it and, based on these matches, looks for the most similar people among all users of the Facebook advertising network. The bigger the source audience, the better: more data for the algorithm to analyze and map. In general, lookalike opens up to the advertiser a wide range of possibilities for scaling campaigns at the expense of a new audience.
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