April 10, 2023 ~ 10 min.

Case study of working with Sushi Master

Sushi Master is an international delivery network of Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine. The main advantage of the brand is high recognition among other deliveries with a similar assortment and constant updating of the assortment.

They turned to us for comprehensive brand promotion. Previously, this task required an internal staff, but later the company realized that it was easier to delegate it to an agency.
We created a comprehensive digital solution for them and packaged it in a strategy. We fully disclosed the brand, analyzed the target audience and competitors, wrote a communication strategy, developed visual communication, etc. So, we had the route ready, so we started working.

What did the SMM department work on?

Sushi Master had 40+ accounts from the brand's franchises. This was a challenge, because they duplicated content by city of operation, and it was a mess. The content was based on banner re-purposing that was available on the website. In general, the brand's social media lacked a unified style. There was no regular work with stories, only people's marks were published.

The SMM department implemented visual communication developed by our designer and updated the social media packaging. We also minimized the number of pages related to the franchise. Now there are only pages for the main cities where SushiMaster operates and they use branded content. We concentrated our work on the all-Ukrainian page.

We also conducted regular shootings and started using live and macro photos. We moved away from banners, using them only for promotional offers or entertainment content.
After analyzing our audience and its behavior, we introduced the meme format in the content and subscribers really liked it! We added video content to make the target audience trust the brand more. The section with the process of making rolls worked especially well.
To increase audience engagement, we introduced interactive content and interesting sections in the stories, and in general, we started posting them regularly. We added clickable links to the stories to attract the audience that was already subscribed to the account to make purchases.

What did the PPC department work on?

In parallel with SMM, we worked on promoting social media through targeted advertising. Since Sushi Master was present in 48 cities of Ukraine at that time, they needed complete analytics: how many purchases were made through targeted advertising, where and which item from the assortment worked best. We managed this successfully. Also, our PPC department set up the work so that the data from the account did not differ from real sales. As a result, we resolved the conflict between business and advertising activities.
We also used influence marketing. As part of the project, we worked fruitfully with bloggers on a barter basis. On average, we cooperated with 160 bloggers per month. We received offers for cooperation from bloggers with a reach of 3-5 thousand stories from all over Ukraine. Thus, we increased brand awareness and brand requests from customers. For promotion, we also bought advertising in local publics in the cities where Sushi Master operates.
An integrated approach to promotion, the creation of a corporate identity, and interesting regular content helped us successfully promote the brand in Ukraine. It also gave our team the opportunity to launch in other countries: Poland, the UAE and Portugal.