April 11, 2023 ~ 10 min.

Case: a complete solution for Madame Josy

Madame Josy is a modern cafe in the center of Kyiv with French cuisine and atmosphere. The main focus is on authentic desserts of the French confectionery school. They also make cakes and desserts to order, both standard and individual.
Our joint history began in November 2020. Our team had several main tasks: to communicate the brand's value and increase its awareness; to increase sales from social media.
Based on the client's requests, analysis of the brand, its target audience, and competitors, our work was divided into 2 major components: content marketing and promotion through traffic and influencer marketing.
Ми розробили візуальну комунікацію бренду, додали багато нових рубрик: сторіс LIVE-формату з закладу, розбір десертів, впровадження інфопривідів, щоденник Мадам Жозі, питання-відповідь.
  • To diversify the content and introduce humor, we adapted trends from TikTok to the confectionery theme, and such videos were highly effective both in the feed and in stories.

  • We added branded French words and phrases to the brand tone of the video: "Bonjour", "Croissant s'il vous plaît" and others.

  • In addition to regular content shoots, we also did full-fledged shoots of new dessert collections: for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, March 8, Easter, and other holidays.
The following types of content had the best results: video processes for making desserts, appetizing macro photos, Instagram photos with models (the girls kept them as references for future photo shoots), publications with the cafe's team, and UGC content.
Since the cafe is quite Instagrammable, visitors themselves are happy to take a lot of stories and photos. By sincerely responding to each mark, leaving comments under guests' posts, and posting their photos on our profile, we managed to create a real community!
To promote the page, we launched targeted advertising and collaborated with bloggers. We engaged more than 50 micro and macro influencers on a barter basis. The product's Instagrammability and good presentation of the offer allowed us to work even with well-known bloggers on a barter basis.

Also, Madame Josy entrusted us with her long-held dream of creating a website. We created an online store from scratch, with a description of the pastry shop and a catalog of possible desserts. We also added the ability for customers to place an order for a specific day, and the ability for the establishment to "close" a busy day for orders.
Also, we created a lot of different printing for them: from the menu to the announcement for the toilet :)))
Our cooperation has grown into a real friendship, and this article is more than just a project report. We did not just use marketing tools to increase sales, we offered a comprehensive approach that helped our clients achieve the VAU effect and their business goals.